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CPC Presentation Brochure 2018

Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) brochure presenting the status and results achieved until 2018.

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CPC Activity Report 2017

Report presenting the Cloud Privacy Check activity and results in 2017.

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Cloud & Data Protection. The Cloud Privacy Check (CPC)

Official CPC Publication No. 01. Available languages: English & German

Jens Eckhardt, Tobias Höllwarth, Christian Laux, Clemens Thiele
June 2017, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Salzburg

Cloud computing has become an essential element of the IT sourcing strategy for many companies.

IT, legal and procurement staff in these companies are therefore faced with the fact that comprehensive know-how in many areas — not only in technology — is now necessary if cloud services are to be used responsibly, economically and in a way that is legally compliant with the locally applicable regulation frameworks.

The strategically planned introduction and use of cloud services inevitably requires the topic of data protection to be taken into consideration from the very beginning. For with the use of cloud services, data — and in particular personal data — are transmitted to third parties for processing.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will become binding in all EU countries on 25 May 2018 establishes fundamental and modern technical, economic and legal framework conditions. With it, the EU is sending a clear and globally recognisable signal showing how a society can react to quickly developing technical possibilities and their consequences for the people within it. The resulting challenges for providers and users of modern IT services alike should not be underestimated, and to prepare for these challenges ahead of time is a must.

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Brochure - Cloud Privacy Check

Languages available: English & German

Requirements under Data Protection Law that a Cloud Service Customer must ensure when moving into a cloud environment.

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