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CPC Conference

Vienna, 24-26 November 2017

Annually held Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) Network event.


"A very well-hosted conference! It was great to meet with outstanding data protection professionals from all over Europe!"

Øystein Flagstad (Grette)

"The CPC annual conference is an excellent opportunity for retrospective analysis and strategy-setting. It’s also a meeting of minds… legal professionals who share their pan-European experiences on privacy matters and the cloud. The Malta IT Law Association has participated in both Vienna-conferences held so far and commends the organisation, participation and event-outputs."

Gege Gatt (MITLA)

"The conference was a great event in both its aspects - formal and social. It exceeded my expectations, especially by not only helping me better understand the value of our network, but also by bringing some very specific ideas to be realised with our network partners. I really hope I keep my enthusiasm even when coming back to my day-to-day activities. I really see a big potential here. Once again - thank you and Rares for perfect organisation.

Tomáš Nielsen (Nielsen Meinl)

"I really enjoyed the conference and the opportunity to be a part of it. Your organisation and moderation of the event was highly professional and I appreciated it very much. The conference itself was well-prepared. In my opinion it was a good idea to have pre-conference on one day and the conference itself on the following day. I also enjoyed the other parts of the programme (especially Rubens exhibition and State Opera tour) and networking opportunities which balanced the “official” programme. For next time I would suggest to think about the possibility to include some time reserved to exchange know-how of the participants or at least more “content-oriented” time (e.g. short presentation on the localised implementation of GDPR in each country represented in CPC conference). All in all, the conference was very successful."

Ivana Nemčeková (Nielsen Meinl)

As we have only recently joined CPC EuroCloud, the conference provided a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow delegates from all over Europe. The agenda was very thought provoking, with an excellent guest speaker opening the first conference session, and with some challenging discussion items being addressed in the subsequent sessions. I left the conference very positive about the role CPC EuroCloud can play, and I look forward to helping CPC to fulfil its mission statement."

Julian Hamblin (Womble Bond Dickinson)

"CPC Network Event 2017 in Vienna was, once more, a very balanced combination of culture time and working time. This Event provided the participants with a great environment for networking whilst tackling concerns about the development and future tasks of this group."

Cécile Porcher (Etude Reding)

"Dear Dr. Höllwarth, in your role of president of EuroCloud Europe and leader of the Cloud Privacy Check initiative, please accept my congratulations for the great event at which I had the privilege to participate as a speaker about Privacy by Design in the Cloud. You will find my handout presentation for the participants of the conference enclosed. I very much enjoyed the entire setting of the event and the great interest of the CPC community in my suggestions how to bring Privacy by Design from the ivory tower down the trenches. In my opinion, Information Security and Data Privacy in general and Privacy by Design in particular represent essential pre-requisites for a successful digitalization. I am convinced that more and closer co-operation between Business, Academia, Data Protection Authorities and Interest Groups across institutions and companies is required to foster the maturity of our digital society in these matters in a joint effort. Hence, I have welcomed very much the discussion after my presentation how the CPC community may contribute to ideas I have proposed. Furthermore, I found the location well-chosen and the event perfectly organized and moderated by you. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the joint deep dive into Star Audit Assessment Scheme which I consider a powerful tool and even more so in the light of with challenges to come considering the raising adoption rate of cloud technologies and increasing relevance of Information Security and Data Privacy requirements. From my perspective, the open and independent approach of Star Audit Assessment Scheme is an outstanding and unique feature. I will be glad to contribute to the further evolution of the Star Audit Assessment Scheme in general and in the area of Information Security and Data Privacy in particular."

Ernst O. Wilhelm (GFT Technologies SE)

Dear CPC Partners,

We cordially invite you to the 2017 CPC Conference in Vienna. Please come to meet and discuss.

2017 has been a year in which digitization has picked up speed. More and more, Cloud Computing is being recognized as a driver to foster digitization, agile use of computing resources, and as a means to improve time to market. Cloud Computing is key for digitization. Our CPC Network is in the midst of this stream and has the opportunity to create value beyond the CPC Infographics.

We defined the steps to take during the CPC Conference 2016 in Vienna, and we have acted accordingly: Web Conferences, completing the GDPR version of the CPC, information brochure as a white label opportunity to CPC Partners, publications in blogs, sub-projects, the updated website, etc.

2017 has been an intense year, and a good year. It is now time for a recap. Are we on track? Can we learn from our experiences, both from what happened during the year “within” the CPC, as well as from experiences made by our CPC Partners? We should professionalize, get better and discuss new models to reap even better results.

As you have contributed to what we have achieved, we also want you to be part of the conversation about the future of the CPC Network. Where is the CPC Network headed into the future? Make yourself heard and be an active part of the decision-making process we have before us.

Dr. Tobias Höllwarth


We plan to use the pre-event day on 24 November 2017 as well as the main event day on 25 November 2017 to discuss the following:

  1. Looking back (developments within the CPC Network)
  2. Sharing (individual experience with products / contacts from the CPC Network)
  3. Planning #1 (determining the scope of the CPC Network)
  4. Planning #2 (professionalizing the CPC organization)
  5. Planning #3 (new services)
  6. Planning #4 (what should the year 2018 bring?)

Private tour to Vienna State Opera House, Friday 15:00


Friday, 24th November 2017

  • Private Tour of the Vienna Opera House
  • CPC Conference - 1st Session
  • Dinner (Famous Austrian Beef Cuisine)

Saturday, 25th November 2017

  • CPC Conference - 2nd Session
  • Lunch
  • End of CPC Conference
  • Walk to a Viennese Christmas Market
  • Dinner (International Cuisine)

Sunday, 26th November 2017

  • Brunch
  • Private Museum Tour
  • Farewell

Services Included

Participation costs for CPC conference attendees include:

  • Limousine transfer to and from Vienna Airport
  • Accommodation at a 5-star hotel near the Vienna Opera House (breakfast included)
  • Private Tour of the Vienna Opera House
  • CPC conference, CPC training and accreditation
  • Complete supporting programme and required transfers

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